Creating demo data using factories

In order to populate our development environment with data in an automated way, we have implemented model factories using Factory Boy.

Factory Boy is a fixtures replacement for Python. For more details visit the project’s documentation.

Using factories

By default, model factories get instantiated using the associated model fields. On top of that we provide additional attributes to add extra functionality in object creation. For example:

  • To create a single model object from a factory class (eg. UserFactory) use the create() method:

    user = UserFactory.create()

  • To create multiple model objects at once (eg. 10) use the create_batch() method:

    users = UserFactory.create_batch(10)

  • To customize your demo data you can override model attributes (eg. username):

    user = UserFactory.create(username='example')

remo factory classes

Here is the list of the implemented model factories we have in remo and their associated PostGeneration methods that help in some complex definitions of our models.

remo.profiles factory classes

  • UserFactory
    • groups: List of strings with group names to add to user groups
      (eg. ['Rep', 'Council'])
  • UserProfileFactory
    • functional_areas: List of FunctionalArea objects to add to user functional areas
    • random_functional_areas: Boolean. Populates UserProfile with random functional areas of random length.
    • initial_council: Boolean. UserProfile object has itself as mentor.
  • FunctionalAreaFactory factory classes

  • EventFactory
    • categories: List of FunctionalArea objects to add to event categories.
    • random_categories: Boolean
  • AttendanceFactory

remo.reports factory classes

  • NGReportFactory
  • ActivityFactory
  • CampaignFactory

remo.remozilla factory classes

  • BugFactory
    • add_cc_users: List of users to add to bug cc field factory classes

  • PollFactory
  • VoteFactory
  • RadioPollFactory
  • RadioPollChoiceFactory
  • RangePollFactory
  • RangePollChoiceFactory

Factory examples

  • To create_batch of users (eg. 10) with random functional areas that belong to the initial council

    from remo.profiles.tests import UserFactory
    kwargs = {
        'groups': ['Reps', 'Mentor', 'Council'],
        'userprofile__random_functional_areas': True,
        'userprofile__initial_council': True
    users = UserFactory.create_batch(10, **kwargs)
  • To create_batch of past events (eg. 10) with random categories and 10 attendees

    from import EventFactory, AttendanceFactory
    events = EventFactory.create_batch(10, random_categories=True)
    for event in events:
        AttendanceFactory.create_batch(10, event=event)


    The above script creates new users for event.owner, event.attendance.user and new swag and budget bugs.

  • To create a poll with 10 radio and range poll choices

    from import *
    poll = PollFactory.create()
    radio_poll = RadioPollFactory.create(poll=poll)
    range_poll = RangePollFactory.create(poll=poll)
    radio_poll_choices = RadioPollChoiceFactory.create_batch(10, radio_poll=radio_poll)
    range_poll_choices = RangePollChoiceFactory.create_batch(10, range_poll=range_poll)